Phi Crystal Handling

Phi Crystals are precision instruments. They are not intended for everyone. They call those people who are willing to interact and to work with them. They offer themselves to those who are responsibly prepared to devote serious study and attention to profound conditions of use and divine secrets.

As we said before, the phi crystals are not for everyone, but only for those people who attract phi crystals with corresponding pure intention and sufficient quotients of light and use them only for the highest purposes of love. 
Phi Crystals offer extreme advancement to those people with sufficient light quotient who are in synergy with the matrix. The Phi Crystal works only with the people who have a required light quotient so that synergy with it can be achieved. 
Before the required quotient of light is reached, it is accepted in an order that the Phi Crystal is very likely not to be effective for the time being due to a too low light quotient and will remain inactive. 
Activation only takes place when the greatest benefit of love with the Phi Crystals is worked.

In the case that the light quotient is too low, it is recommended to increase or extend it energetically to the required light quotient.

All Phi Crystals require an acclimatization phase of at least 30 days and only then can synergy with them be achieved. This period of time is necessary for every phi crystal to adjust energetically to its new environment and its user, so that coherence can arise with it. Only then will he work successfully with a person.

The Phi Crystal never does the work for you, will never overwhelm you, so that your inner purpose or inner power is no longer needed, it serves its purpose and is a tool that supports your ascension, not the ascension for you.

The Phi Crystal is "controlled" by its own divine consciousness so that only harmony happens where harmony is allowed. For no other purpose than love, a Phi Crystal will work. In the case of abuse, every Phi Crystal destroys itself, as it did in Atlantean times, or it remains inactive.