Spiritual exercise (excerpt)

We (client) place the larger King Phi crystal with the base (receiving, female tip) in the palm of the hand and touch it with the thumb and fingers so that the crown (sending, male tip) is facing outward, away from us. We place the King Phi crystal in the hand associated with the side of the body to be treated. We allow the larger King Phi Crystal to direct the energies released by the smaller Butler Phi Crystal (blockages, disharmony, trauma, issues, etc.) out of us and channel them, for example, into the violet flame, Mother Earth, Source, Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael , etc. to deliver. We can also send this decision to the Phi Crystal to let the disintegrated energies flow to where it feels right. 

We take the smaller Butler Phi Crystal in our dominant hand (client treatment) or in our free hand (self treatment) between the thumb, the middle finger and possibly the ring finger (see figure Butler Phi Crystal). The base (receiving, female tip) of the Butler Phi Crystal points into the palm or outwards. With the crown (sending male tip) we aim the Butler Phi Crystal at the blockage, disharmony, trauma, etc. of our body or the body of the other human being (client). The easiest way is to let ourselves be guided intuitively from the heart and thus find the spot (blockade) that is now ready to work on it, to solve it, to harmonize it or to say goodbye. We wait patiently until the smaller Butler Phi Crystal radiates subtle to stronger energies. We feel these energies and let them flow neutrally. The Butler Phi Crystal lets us feel that synergy has been achieved and that it is now ready to work with us.
We follow the energy flow of the Butler Phi crystal and oscillate it e.g. in an infinity eight, in a circle, in a line, in a sine wave or just as it makes us feel. We can also let it work on a single spot for a longer period of time, where the energy flows most intensely. When we energetically feel the spot (blockage) to be extracted, we hold the Butler Phi Crystal still, exactly where the energies are most noticeable. We do this until the energies slowly weaken. Then we begin to vibrate the Butler Phi crystal again and stay where subtle energies can be felt. We repeat this process as long as we perceive gentle energies. In between, we ask the client about his well-being, or observe ourselves and how the physical symptoms change.
The treatment can take up to 30 minutes.