Dream Phi Crystal

Dream Phi Crystal with 4-fold cut - Double terminated -

Dream Phi Crystal

The extended generation of standard Phi crystals with a 3-fold cut is the 4-fold Dream Phi Crystal that can be used for energetic interventions. This novel and four-fold cut developed by us brings out completely new pulsating energies that do not occur in normal Phi crystals.
The 4-fold cut dream phi crystal ensures that it is charged in the female receiving tip, like a capacitor, to simultaneously fire all light energies as a pulse when fully charged, much like a pulsed laser beam. He acts like an energetic light-energy-impulse-generator, which sends bundled energetic light-energy-flashes.
This bundled light-momentum energy can be energetically sent into disharmony of our body. Which, when it has hit the disharmony, spreads around it like an energetic light-energy cloud that can harmonize, dissolve and / or renew all affected cells. This impulse-energy-cloud disintegrates everything that is not useful and renews everything that needs renewal.
The Dream Phi Crystal with 4-fold cut is suitable for people and users who have been dedicated to the study of Phi crystal for a long time, and have their experience with quartz and Phi crystals, so that they are able to work in synergy with the Dream Phi Crystal to go.

Dream Phi-Crystal

Every 9 Gate Dream Phi Crystal with 9-27-9-9 facets
carries the energies of Gandalf within itself.

Perfection, Gandalf.
Step by step with Gandalf connect the soul with the divine
without being overwhelmed by all the supernatural energies and possibly becoming unable to act.
With a lot of wisdom and carefully follow a divine plan
to bring it to perfection so that your own soul can find peace.
Gandalf draws its original energy from an inactive volcano in Europe,
a volcano in which it continues to boil.

One of the most energetic Phi Crystals is Gandalf,
so that great things can be created in the world
and that we can defy all the darkness of this world with all his might,
he finds his way into our lives.

To make peace in the end. With our soul.
He comes into our lives so that our soul plan can be brought to perfection.
Gandalf supports us on our heavenly path.
Autorin La Vie

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